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Theodora Noumtinis, R.Ac

I recently took the Advanced Integrative Acupuncture Program offered at CCNM and instructed by Poney Chiang. I must say I am very impressed with Poney’s work and honestly can say that I have walked away with better knowledge of Acupuncture and a great eye opener on treating pain. I have incorporated the use of electro-devices in my practice and this integrative approach of treating pain conditions. I have seen much success in pain relief in a shorter time and clients are more impressed with this outcome.

My original expectation when I first signed up was to help improve myself in this field and review points and technique. However, I got more than that. I was taught a new way of thinking. In this course, we learned canonical point selection with respect to underling nerve courses (Meridians overlying the body’s anatomical network of nerve pathways), a more effective approach to my treatments that has become more helpful to my clients.

It is so refreshing when you complete a program and actually walk away with new knowledge and very useful at that.

Poney is an excellent instructor and his vast knowledge in the TCM profession is impressive and drawing.

I would recommend this course to anyone with a background in the healthcare field. I feel this course would benefit many therapists with a background in acupuncture and those professionals working/specializing in neurology or neuropathy, sports medicine. Thank you, for sharing your knowledge and expertise.


Jennifer Hong, ND

"I was looking for an acupuncture course that synthesized the wisdom of the Classics in acupuncture theory with our current understanding of the body. I found it here. Poney is a great teacher – he has distilled the most important information for us from current research and from people who are leaders in their field, e.g. Travell, Gunn, and Wong. This course has saved me time on doing this research myself.

The modules are well-organized and are designed to be very practical for the clinician who uses, or wants to use, acupuncture in their practice. Every week, I am able to use what I learn the next day in my clinical practice with great results. My relationship with the myofascia and the nervous system will never be the same!

I have a deeper understanding and appreciation of this modality on improving all kinds of conditions or issues.

I would recommend this course for any acupuncture enthusiast who has a desire to create effective protocols that produce results. This course will give you an edge.”


Matt Sedo R.Ac ST

"Taking these courses has given me a deeper understanding of neuroanatomy and the Classics, specifically the rational behind luo channel and sinew channels. Poney Chang illustrates how these two approaches illuminate and complement each other by skillfully integrating Chinese classics with the best of current scientific research.

My interests as an acupuncturist and shiatsu therapist have mostly been around treating neuromuscular pain and this constitutes the bulk of my practice.

In addition to classical channel theory, I have a better understanding of the biomedical underpinnings of acupuncture. This is a huge asset in explaining and developing more effective and comprehensive treatment plans for my clients.

Additionally, the knowledge of neuroanatomy around points has greatly improved my treatment results."


Shahin Moslehi, BSc, ND, DHMHS

“For those interested in learning a beautiful approach in uniting both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and evidence based medicine (EBM) philosophies to treat your patients this course is for you. Dr. Chiang’s selfless and dedicated passion to teach students can be felt during our hands-on practical sessions. His side-by-side support, along with the dedication of excellent TA’s, gives students the chance to really understand and apply Dr. Chiang’s techniques of healing.

By analyzing the classical texts and cross-referencing these teachings with the latest findings in EBM, it makes us realize how advanced our forefathers were when dealing with treatments. It has been a pleasure and I will always be grateful to have learned from Dr. Chiang. His teachings have helped me grow as a student and a future doctor.

If you are considering furthering your skills and knowledge in TCM, neuromuscular anatomy and the latest EBM techniques in treating pain conditions this course is for you.”


Linda Shih, ND

"I would recommend the Advanced Integrative Acupuncture program to anyone who does, or has interest in, treating neuromyofascial pain in their practice.  Poney Chiang is an excellent instructor and extremely knowledgeable in this field.   This course seamlessly integrates both Eastern and Western views in treating and diagnosing not only pain, but also many systemic conditions that involve the nervous system. 

Since taking this course, I have a wider perspective on how to diagnose causes of pain;  I also have more focus and direction when developing a treatment plan.   From a practical standpoint, this course teaches many techniques which are very effective and can be implemented easily in one's practice.

  Poney and his team of T.A.s are very attentive during practical sessions which allows students be more confident in executing these exciting acupuncture techniques.  I can say, without a doubt, since taking this course I have noticed a marked improvement in pain treatment outcomes."



Zohreh Fadavi, R.Ac

"I believe in summing of this experience I must first make mention that the fact we had such an enthusiastic and skilled teacher made all the difference. Dr. Poney Chiang has a genuine love for what he does and it shows. The skills I learned in this Neuro-Meridian Integrative Acupuncture class have given me a great sense of confidence, and I know that it will raise the caliber of my work as an acupuncturist. Many of these techniques have already been good use to me in my practice. I like the fact that we were constantly reminded to be aware of the principles and the classical points in TCM.

Thank you Poney for all the amazing information that you shared with us. I always will look forward to join your classes."

Samuel Lo, R.Ac R.TCMP

“The Neuro-Meridian Acupuncture Program taught by Poney Chiang is an interesting new perspective on acupuncture and its role in pain management.  Poney has done a great job in researching each point within the classics, translating these texts, and seeing how it applies to the latest anatomical research.  This course has given me fresh ideas in accessing commonly and uncommonly used points.  I highly recommend this training.” 

Richard Kwan, R.Ac R.TCMP

Neuro-Meridian Integrative Acupuncture Program has given me great insight and a deeper appreciation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  I was most impressed with Poney's ability to support his theories and hypothesis based on the ancient classical textbooks along with most current research in Acupuncture.  I enjoyed the practical component of the class the most when we use electro-devices to detect the neuro-meridian pathways and how they were connected. There were many rich experiences and techniques that were shared in the class by Poney that has improved my anatomical knowledge in relation to Acupuncture as well as the treatment outcomes in clinic.  His TAs were also very knowledgeable and helpful in the learning process.  I believe that anyone taking this course will definitely benefit greatly in their Acupuncture techniques and have greater results in their practice!

Jordan Sokoloski, ND

The Neuromeridian Acupuncture course series taught by Poney Chiang has been a rewarding investment for my personal knowledge as well as the growth of my clinical practice. Poney is a great teacher who is obviously very passionate about sharing his knowledge. The lecture material in the course is laid out well with comparisons of both classic and modern point descriptions. Diagrams illustrate all of the relevant neuroanatomy and provide some great new insight into anatomical targets for each point. Course readings link the theory with clinical scenarios. There is a lot of support during practicals and skills and knowledge can be immediately applied to clinical practice, with great results. My confidence in treating pain cases has really grown and I am already starting to get referrals from my colleagues!



Instructor Testimonials

Teruki Matano M.D. (Japan) R.TCMP

“I am a student at Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and I highly recommend Dr. Chiang as a teacher. I have received much post secondary education including a medical school in Japan and from that experience I can say Dr.Chiang is a cut above as a teacher. He has ways of making the lecture interesting and presenting rather difficult medical topics in a clear and lucid way”

Marcia Elizabeth Thompson MS LAc

“It was an honor to study under Poney Chiang. Never before have I encountered such keen intellect and searing integrity blended with a high degree of honor for the lineage of Chinese medicine and his place within it.

The one semester I was his student, impressed upon me the beauty of being dedicated to one's chosen profession and the importance of comporting yourself with discipline, humility, and the standard of excellence established by the Chinese medicine elders.

He far surpasses his peers with his accomplishments to date, and he stands poised to distinguish himself in the field of Traditional Oriental Medicine.”

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